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John BracegirdleI’m interested in how businesses use IT systems, and the way those systems change the way businesses work.

My interest in technology started when I was very young. I wanted to be an inventor, later on I specialised in computer technology that is changing the world around us. I studied computer systems and software engineering at the University of York. During my summers at York I worked at Manchester Computing and STmicroelectronics.

Following my studies at York I decided that I wanted to work with a wide range of people every day, so I studied for a secondary ICT PGCE at the University of Cumbria. I worked as a placement student in West Cumbria and then took up a position at St. Benedict’s in Whitehaven. I enjoyed inspiring the next generation to use technology in new ways.

I am currently supporting local small businesses and charities including the Cockermouth Flood Action Group, Therapeutic Thumbprints,¬†and Carol’s Cakery.

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